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PFAFF Select 4.2

select™ 4.2 - Even more possibilities!

The select™ 4.2 will make your sewing even more fun and creative!

Choose from 40 different stitches, including a large variety of decorative stitches, for perfect results with any fabric. Threading the needle is so easy with the integrated needle threader, and PFAFF® Original IDT™ System guarantees absolutely even fabric feed from both the top and bottom.

Extra accessories are included, like the Darning Foot, the Rolled Hem Foot and the Fancy Stitch Foot, to give you even greater sewing capability.

The Original IDT™ System, only from PFAFF®! ~ Integrated Dual Feed only from PFAFF® for over 40 years! A PFAFF® exclusive feature that delivers absolutely even and perfect fabric feed with all types of fabric from sheer organza to thick layers of denim.

Easy select™ System ~ Quickly choose the stitch by a press of a button. You can even combine them for more variety.

Integrated Needle Threader ~ Easy threading every time! No more searching for the needle‘s eye. The integrated needle threader is built right into your sewing machine and makes threading a easy.

Constant Needle Piercing power ~ Gives stitch by stitch control and full piercing power at any speed. Sews through multiple layers of quilt fabric, batting and denim.

LED Light ~ Long lasting light source that illuminates your sewing projects with a crisp light.