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creative performance™
Top-of-the-line sewing machine with add-on embroidery option

Phenomenal! The potential of the sewing machine is demonstrated by the perfection of your creations. No matter which fabric you sew, refined details guarantee that the results look as professional as the best ready-to-wear.

Optional! With the embroidery unit you will experience a new dimension of possibility. Extra-large embroidery designs, in many colors and impressive beauty, enrich your creations and make them truly special.

At first glance … see a sewing machine with a unique, unmistakable design, with all the features needed to make sewing a very special experience. You will discover a new freedom when sewing, a stitch repertoire that leaves no wish unfullfilled, precision that will astonish and space that inspires ideas you never even knew you had!

Discover the hidden potential

Add on the optional embroidery unit and turn your sewing machine into an embroidery machine in no time at all. It will take you to an entirely new world – a world full of color and design, full of imagination and creativity. It's all possible. Sooner or later. Whenever you want.


9mm and Maxi Stitches

For many years PFAFF® has continued to perfect the high quality 9 mm stitches of your dreams. A fascinating selection is just waiting to be discovered. Combine different stitches and sew in one-step repeatedly.

Maxi Stitches:
Combine 9 mm stitches with beautiful Maxi Stitches up to 48 mm wide and turn your project into something unique. The repertoire includes stitches reminiscent of vintage hand work!

Exclusive Stitch Creator™ Feature

Create your own entirely new stitches or edit any of the built-in 9 mm stitches with the Stitch Creator™  feature. Watch every step on the large PFAFF® creative™  Color Touch Screen. Vary the look for unlimited possibilities.

The Original IDT™ System

The time-tested PFAFF® IDT™ System and a highly developed sensor technology guarantee the optimal feed you expect of all kinds of fabrics. Everything stays in place. Lightweight and silky fabrics don't pucker; stripes and plaids match perfectly; curved seams are easy, with very little pinning required.

The IDT™ System is exceptional at grabbing and feeding quite small fabric pieces for maximum precision and professional results. Your PFAFF® creative performance™ sewing and embroidery machine moves from a single layer to multiple layers effortlessly and even sews over bulky seams with no hesitation.

Optimized feeding

Enhanced to provide more control when sewing through thick layers or seaming small pieces. Everything stays in place. Lightweight and silky fabrics don't pucker; stripes and plaids match perfectly; curved seams are easy, with very little pinning required.

Large sewing space

The PFAFF® creative performance™ sewing and embroidery machine is the perfect choice for quilters, home dec sewers, fashion enthusiasts – anyone who creates. The sewing area to the right of the needle is supersized for sewing large amounts of fabric or batting.

Over 450 stitches

Impressive – a huge selection of more than 450 utility and decorative stitches. Including a wide variety of 9 mm decorative stitches, Stacking Stitches and Maxi Stitches up to 48 mm wide – for perfect results and enchanting embellishments. Choose one of the 4 built-in sewing fonts to personalize your project. Achieve professional results with a selection of fully automatic buttonholes.

creative signature™ sewing programs

Tapering on all 9mm decorative stitches – Taper at the beginning and/or at the end of any stitch. Change the angle of taper for unlimited opportunities. You can even embroider wonderful tapers in the hoop.

Patchwork program – Sew your seam and the PFAFF® creative performance™ sewing and embroidery machine will remember the seam length to repeat over and over. Use with utility or decorative stitches for special effects.

Single stitch program – Set exact number of stitches or sequence repeats you wish to sew. Mirror image of stitches – Flip the stitch side to side and/or end to end for even more possibilities.

Stitch positioning – Moves complete stitch right or left to easily align decorative stitches.

Stitch density – The stitch density control adjusts the density, the distance between stitch points that make up the entire stitch. Density can be increased or decreased without affecting stitch length.


Large embroidery area

Choose between two different embroidery units for your PFAFF® creative performance™ sewing and embroidery machine. The larger unit features an embroidery area up to 360 x 350mm so you can embroider your unique, personal creations in one hooping.

224 fantastic embroidery designs

Created by fashion designers for the PFAFF® creative performance™ sewing and embroidery machine. The built-in embroidery designs are grouped into three different categories (machine designs, mini designs and quilting designs) making it easy to find exactly what you want.

Precise positioning

Place every embroidery design exactly where you want it. Easily match multiple hoopings to create embroideries of unlimited size.

creative signature™ embroidery programs

Mirror Flip the designs side to side and/or end to end for even more possibilities.
Rotate Rotate by 1º increments for precise adjustments.
Embroidery design scale Enlarge or reduce designs without changing the stitch count.
Multi-select Select one or many designs for editing.
Embroidery stitch editor Adjust a stitch or a sequence after you’ve brought it in to embroidery mode.
Color edit Change thread colors of the design directly on screen.
Monochrome Stitch any design in a single color without color stops.
Basting in the hoop
Baste fabric to a stabilizer that is already hooped. Also great for knit fabrics or other fabrics that you do not wish to hoop.

2 built-in embroidery fonts

Available in 3 different sizes including upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers and symbols to personalize your projects.

All stitches, including buttonholes, can be embroidered

Sew any stitch in the embroidery hoop for perfect results and to create unique embroidery designs.




It's good when a brand has been around a long time. It's even better when it doesn't  show its age.

There are many reasons behind the success of a brand like Pfaff. It's a brand with over 140 years of development behind it and a consistent presence in the marketplace. It has a special air of familiarity, security and reliable quality.

Today's world overloads all of our senses. It reflects the spirit of the times. How do people live their lives, what did they think yesterday, what will they do tomorrow? What's in and what's out, and most important of all: what do people want? Pfaff sewing machines are part of this world, because there is one thing that never goes out of style: The search for individuality. Welcome to the world of Pfaff.