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PFAFF 5D Embroidery Software

5Dembroidery system

Key New Features & Benefits

Common Features & benefits

— improved 3D:

• The 3D view of designs is more natural.

• It is faster to move designs around, and you can see the whole design rather than an outline while

moving. There is no delay to redraw the clipboard block.

• Move around the project using the integrated overview window. Zoom bar makes it easy to magnify or

shrink the embroidery view. Shift + Click to pan around the work area.

— new interface design:

• More modern icons; cursors change according to the selected function; intelligent tool tips with more

information on each function; selection handles easier to see.

• More skins and color schemes that apply to toolbars, control panels and dialogs: includes Office 2007 style

• Choice of 8 textured fabric backgrounds (new one: Aida cloth).

• Hoop view is improved with smoothing for a more realistic view. Designs are shown in your preferred hoop

in most modules: includes 5D™ Design Creator and 5D™ PortraitStitch!

• Use a Grid as small as 2mm to align elements and designs. View any measurements in US or metric as an

alternative to your current settings.

— select your favorite colors:

• Adjust color tone to change brightness and choose new threads automatically.

• Select from your own thread stash for different projects using an unlimited number of MyThreads ranges.

— notes are now separated into notes and settings; settings record the parameters used when creating lettering, selecting frames and so on.

— Develop large designs or projects, up to 2m width and height. The features and benefits are listed for each software product and each module. The features and benefits are divided between New features and Current features. The New features are completely new features that will be introduced with the 5D™ Embroidery System. The current features are available today in the 4D™ Embroidery System but they are still valid as key features especially for new customers. The New features are especially important for customers that will upgrade to the 5D™ System from their current 4D™ System.

— Load new file formats: bernina art (.art version 1-3); brother/babylock/bernina Pes(.pes version 7, 9)

      Duplicate designs automatically without using Copy and Paste


— experience 3D reality.

— scrolling realistic color palette (worksheet) with numbered editable color blocks

— thread color palettes / themes for project variations eg seasons

— select your favorite colors.

— View specialty threads never seen on the computer before including metallic, multi-color and

varying thicknesses.

— Print designs in 3D Print designs in 3D larger than a4/letter paper

— multi-format; load and save most popular embroidery formats.

— use the intelligent Colorsort feature in most modules to reduce the number of thread changes when

you sew.

— all modules are fully integrated with QuickLink toolbar and visible clipboard for copy and paste.

— Configuration wizard, possibility to personalize your system

• `Skins’ choice in Configure Wizard:

• Possibility to choose between Inches or millimeters

• Select from your own thread stash using MyThread Ranges

• Set your connection options using MyMachines

• Choose from your own hoops with MyHoops including most popular brands of machine, with the possibility

to make your own hoops in Hoop Manager

— ‘send to’ makes it simple. two send to options are included in all modules; the quick and easy way to send an embroidery to your machine.

— undo and redo unlimited in most modules (*excludes 5D™ embroidery, 5D™ Design Creator and

5D™ Portraitstitch)

— Printed user ́s Guide together with program help and internet FaQs and Learning Center

— smart update gives you the latest system.